Know Your Nanny

This may come as a shock to you, but the people that spend a lot of time with your kids — are educating them.

I’ve seen many ads for nannies, babysitters, and childcare providers specifying: Must Speak (Insert 2nd language), Must have XYZ degree, and Must have multiple certifications. These are all reasonable. Of course you want someone who knows HOW to take care of your kid and communicate effectively — but what about the other stuff?

Before I became a nanny, I’d worked many other jobs, including but not limited to; janitor, movie theatre concession, fast food worker, server, hotel liaison, accountant, office manager, event host, and personal assistant. I’d consistently worked within churches in the kids programs and babysat all ages. My hobbies include reading, sports, hiking, and concerts.

This is important.

When it came to childcare… I knew the best (and cheapest) places to take kids for outings, how to plan trips (effectively) for kids, how to manage a schedule, and knew I had the energy to do it all day. All because of my interests and knowledge that came BEFORE becoming a nanny. I could take kids to church, the mountains, or virtually any setting necessary because I’d made a point to learn about more than just, “Taking care of kids.”

Pro Tips:

1.If you want your kids to read more, hire someone that has a genuine love for reading.

2. Make sure the nanny you hire keeps the activity level that you want for your kids. Active life requires — active nanny.

3. Find someone that can teach your kids something you can’t. Maybe they grew up differently somewhere else.

4. Make sure the nanny has a “Growth Mindset”. Guarantee that not only is your nanny a life long learner (as well as teacher) but your kid can follow that path. If you’re not sure what that is… Check out this video

5. Don’t expect your nanny to work miracles. A lot of effort can be completely undone if you expect your kid and nanny to have one lifestyle — but you yourself have no intention of walking it out with them.

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