This post is absolutely 100% biased because it’s being written at a library by a certified bookworm. That being said…

I’ve seen quite a few moms in online groups complaining about not having anything to do with their littles. Ladies and Gentlemen, take your kids to a library. Here are a few reasons why…

  1. Children need to hear more words. Books are a fantastic way to introduce words that may not otherwise be used. Statistics to back this
  2. Most libraries create class and groups when they find out there is a need for them. i.e. Story Time, Music Play, After-School activities
  3. Books are a relatively cheap form of entertainment. Library card = Endless entertainment.
  4. Just to get out of the house…


My library is highly-trafficked, so they come up with a lot of activities for kids weekly. All of them are educational and creative.


There are even activities for adults and even specific events for the elderly. Libraries adjust to the needs of the public. Books and media can be requested for order. My library has “workshops” because a lot of life-skill classes have been requested.

This is a “Nanny Go-To” so if you’re ever at a loss for what to do with your little… Library. If your particular library happens to be far, stock up on books and the like, and take them home for a couple weeks. Librarians have numerous recommendations for all reading levels and interests.

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