Switching Families

Hello! I have been on hiatus because just after my last update — I found out I was switching families. This was a very welcomed transition. Although, it was another level of stress that I had not prepared to encounter. A lot of you reading my posts don’t have nannies (kudos to y’all) but would still benefit from some of the transition issues I encountered. 

Transition 1: Do you have a running list of contacts? Schools, Caregivers, Doctors, and Friends? Or the addresses to many usual places that are frequented? In the event, someone has to “do” your life. Are there codes, passwords, or anything that the other person might need, listed somewhere?

Transition 2: Does your schedule have room for error? Kids are constantly learning to become self-sufficient, but that becomes extremely difficult when schedules are packed tightly. Have you scheduled in time for your kids to learn what they need to do for their schedule to run smoothly — instead of doing everything for them?

Transition 3: Do your kids know the rules they’re supposed to follow? House rules, school rules, or life rules in general. If someone were to come up to your kid right now and say, “I’ve got to take over for your parents, what do I need to know?” could your kids list the expectations?


There is a ton of information that needs to be transferred between parties when switching households, but this was the big bulk I noticed. Obviously, allergies, medications, and the like would be listed with the contacts because it’s vital information. Scheduling is a whole other beast of a burden that will be addressed later.

I will say that switching a household is only daunting the first week. Growing accustomed to a new schedule, an area of town, and routines — will drain brain power. Caffeinate appropriately.

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