Nanny Night Out

There has been a very unusual shift in the last decade or two regarding parents having a life outside of their “Parent” status. As a full-time nanny, I too feel the overwhelming enormity of childcare responsibilities. This includes but is not limited to; keeping up with the latest behavioral studies, reviewing child safety, measuring milestones, comparing milestones with other nannies/parents in the area, and learning how to educate in the American School System. This doesn’t include housework, answering 3 million screams/cries/questions, errands, researching after-school programs/classes, cooking, or virtually any other aspect that literally drains the life out of me on a daily basis.

Y’all… it’s friggin exhausting.

This brings me to — Nanny Night Out.
(this post was not sponsored by AMC Movie Theatres)

Once a week, a few other nannies and I go see a movie on Tuesdays. We all agreed to get the AMC passes so that every Tuesday we could enjoy a $5 movie. It’s something to look forward to that takes roughly 3 hours altogether, and gives us something to talk about that’s not kid related.  This is important. Let me explain…

A lot of parents (and childcare providers) experience burn out. More often than not, the burn out is because of a feeling of isolation and guilt. You will be a bad (mom/dad) if you don’t always want to spend time with your kids. You can’t spend money on yourself because little JoJo needs all of the best things etc… It’s dumb.

Yes, your kid needs their stuff and your time, but they don’t need all of it. If you made your kid your entire life, and God forbid they died — your life would be over. Kids love trying to figure out the strange world that adults inhabit. Newsflash: they cannot do this if you’re always in their little messed up World of Wonder. They want to know that their caretakers are happy.

Pro Tip: 1. Hiring a babysitter for 3 hours to go play bingo or bowl is not the end of the World.
2. Sending the kids to Grandma’s house so you can sleep in peace and wake up well-rested — is not a crime.
3. If their Auntie wants to take them for a weekend so that you and your spouse can remember why you even got together — you’re doing the kids a favor!


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