Routines (In General)

Have you ever noticed that schools and daycares have daily routines for the kids? There are specific times in the day when kids do certain activities. The day is coordinated to best suit the child’s energy levels (if done correctly). Kids spend their entire days learning and trying to retain an unbelievable amount of information. When they get home, or in most cases stay home — they need their anxiety relieved. How is this easily resolved? A routine.

As a nanny, I set easily attainable expectations and routines. As kids progress in age — I adjust the routines. Here are the most basic routines that any parent can implement starting as early as age 1.

  1. Entering the house = shoes, keys, coats, purses, and backpacks in their place.
    This is my favorite because these items go missing the most
  2. Signaling the end of eating. “All done” “Happy Plate” “May I be excused?”
    As they age – clearing their places at the table
  3. Getting ready for the morning – Potty, Clothes, Teeth, and Hair.
    By age 4, most kids I train can do the entire routine with almost 0 help or guidance.
  4. Seatbelts!
    My 2.5-3-year-olds LOVE being able to do their own buckles. Let them learn.
  5. Time to decompress by themselves.
    I build in time every day for kids to be “by themselves”. Babies get floor time by themselves with minimal interaction. A lot of parents refer to this as “free play”.

I’ve only listed five because these are the first areas that as a nanny, I tackle first. If you’ve spent any time with kids, you’ll know that these are the most time-consuming efforts during the day. The longer a child has a routine — the easier it gets.

Pro-Tip: Plan an extra 10-30 minutes for your child to learn these skills by themselves. Babies that become familiar with these tasks are more likely to embrace doing the tasks by themselves when given the chance.

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