Clean Up Clean Up Everybody Everywhere

“My kid is always making a mess.”
“Our house is never clean.”
“We can never find anything when it’s needed.”

As a nanny, my entire job is to train your kids how to live so that I’m basically no longer needed. Part of the reason that my job gets easier and easier as time goes by, is because I eventually stop doing all of the manual labor by myself. One of the tasks that I start implementing as soon as possible is — clean up after yourself.

Story Time: One of the families I worked for could never seem to stay organized. Their house was in constant chaos and their kids’ personalities matched. After a few days, I noticed the problem: No one cleaned up anything when they finished what they were doing. We started with the simple tasks first i.e. putting dishes away, shoes and coats where they belong, and toys back in the box. It evolved into tidying up family areas, their rooms, and keeping their school supplies organized. Their moods greatly improved as the house remained cleaner.

Pro Tips:
1. Teach “cleaning up” as early as possible. It’s habitual.
2. If a kid can’t keep up with their stuff — get less stuff. Throw it out. It’s not like they bought it.
3. Let your kids see you cleaning. Don’t just wait until they are asleep and begin the process. Kids learn a lot from watching others.
4. Play music! Daycares and schools will play music during clean up times. This reminds the kids that it doesn’t take forever and that it can be fun.

If you need help with forming the cleaning habit… here’s a video!
>>>> How to Train a Brain

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