Flu/Cold Season

It happens every year. Flu/Cold season makes its way through schools, daycares, homes, and offices. There are many helpful ways to prevent further spreading of the viruses. I’m only listing the most basic (and useful) tips. Getting a flu shot is helpful, but it won’t help much if you come into contact with the virus before getting the shot.

  1.  WASH YOUR HANDS. Disease prevention starts with clean hands. If you’d like to know the proper way to hand wash — please watch this video. How To Properly Wash Hands
  2. Stay Hydrated. The human body works at an optimal level when it is fully hydrated. 
  3. Avoid letting your kid use bottles to drink. This obviously does not apply to babies, but all cups and utensils should be “one-time use” items. Leaving the cups/bottles out can lead to a growth of bacteria, and placing the cups in the refrigerator can house the flu virus. Bottles/Sippy Cups are far better at trapping sickness and reintroducing it into a kids system.
  4. Cover your mouth when coughing. Use the elbow — not the hand.
  5. Wash the bedding & stuffed animals. Any sickness a person has potentially fallen asleep with will still be waiting for them when they come back to bed.
  6. Wear a mask. If you’re already feeling under the weather — wear a surgical mask. Kids don’t enjoy seeing them, but it does help those around you. Read the box directions CAREFULLY.
  7. Wipe Down Surfaces. I find flu season the most exhausting season because of all the cleaning. The other 9 months of the year — kids can pretty much run around in mud and be sprayed down with a hose. During flu season, “Hello Lysol my old friend….”



    • Hi Kenneth! I’m glad you mentioned that! I’ve read a few times now that “anti-bacterial” soap is no different than regular soaps! I only use the Lysol AFTER I’ve already wiped down surfaces, but MAINLY just for anything airborne!

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      • Anti-bacterials have their purposes, BUT I hate to kill off good bacteria when trying to overcome a sickness.
        I know it’s going to happen, but I try to refrain from doing damage when trying to heal.


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