This morning, I walked into my kid’s bedroom and see toys scattered all over the floor. All I can hear from my kid is, “I can’t find it!” She had taken all of the toys out of her box, searching for the one toy she actually wanted. It was a giant mess.

Does this sound familiar?

Story Time: The same kid above was even more fed up with her toys than I was. She’d realized that every single toy she’d dragged out, would need to be put back. We had more time than normal on this morning so I said very gently, “Maybe we should give the toys you don’t want and aren’t using anymore — to someone that will?” She looked up at me with a straight face and said, “I’ll need a big bag.”

The holiday season is upon us, and now is the best time to reassess our kid’s toys, clothes, and everything else in the house. There are many kids that will go without items that are probably being ignored and frequently “moved around” or stored, in your house. The bags in the featured picture are all of the toys the girls GLEEFULLY gave away. They brought them up to me and said, “Okay, that’s what we’d like to give to someone else!”

Pro Tip: Make a habit of donating items.
A few houses I’ve worked in have “Donation Boxes” so any clothes, toys, or household items that are no longer needed can get put in the box at any time.
If kids are very attached to everything they have, explain the benefits of getting rid of them i.e. less time cleaning, easier to find what they need, could help someone else.

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