Not Everyone Went to School for This Pt 2

The video posted touches on, how what you do as a parent/caregiver affects the development of a child. I will forever support the fact that “Helicopter Parents” are the absolute WORST PEOPLE IN THE UNIVERSE. The preferred caregiving style for raising a reasonably well-adjusted child is the Authoritative stance. For those unaware of both styles…

Helicopter Parent: “…being involved in a child’s life in a way that is overcontrolling, overprotecting, and over perfecting, in a way that is in excess of responsible parenting”

Refer to this article – What Is Helicopter Parenting?

Authoritative Parent:  “Clear standards, rules, and limits, expectations of age-appropriate behavior, maturity and independence, supported by punishments that are explained, consistent and fair, yet with latitude made for mistakes and misunderstandings. This style of parenting is currently favored by child development specialists.”

Refer to this article: Authoritative Parenting Examples

I could further dive into the many parenting types, but I think it’s safe to stick with, “Don’t do this — Do This instead”. If you’re not fond of my research — do your own and leave a comment (or email) with your findings. I’d love to hear another perspective if something else worked!

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