Let Me Smell Your Hands

Kids put their grubby little hands everywhere.

This includes but is not limited to: Trash, their private parts, toilet seat, food, and a wide array of other places (like your face). As a nanny that has contracted RotaVirus and spent a day in the hospital being pumped with a GALLON of saline — I am adamant about handwashing.

Story Time: A mom I worked with had 3 young boys, and they all washed their hands after every bathroom break, and before eating. This had me a little taken aback because I wondered how she managed to get them to do it. She said, “Easy. Scented Soap.” I couldn’t make the connection so she explained, “I buy the fragrant soap. When they leave the bathroom I say “Let me smell your hands.”” I give their hands a big exaggerated sniff and if they smell soapy, I say “Mmmmm!”

Hand washing doesn’t have to be hard. When I tested this approach with all of my other kids, it worked like a charm. To this day, if we’re in a public bathroom my kids will wash their hands and then automatically put them to my nose to “smell the different scent”. It’s adorable. (only because I know their fingers aren’t infested while near my face)

Pro Tip: Buy a Soap with a smell, and make a habit of asking for a hand sniff.
**** If allergies are a concern, buy an essential oil scented soap!***


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