Your Kid is NOT Your Boss

On October 16, 2018, it came across my Facebook feed that the day had been declared “National Boss’s Day”. I saw more than one meme saying something along the lines of, “It’s National Boss’s Day, what should I get my kid?”

As a nanny — this pissed me off.

Story Time: Years ago, one dad I worked for told his kid, “I’m not your friend, I’m your parent. When you leave my house and run your own life — then maybe we’ll be friends. It will never be before then. Until that time, I’m responsible for you and what you do.  My house. My rules.”

I didn’t find the memes even the slightest bit funny because I’ve watched SO MANY PARENTS let their kids run their lives. It’s not even something to joke about because it’s such an actual problem that does not seem to be getting resolved. As a nanny (from a parent), I was told that the more a kid respects you — the more they will like you. IT’S TRUE. It always takes time, communication, CONSISTENCY, and modeling respect… to get to that point.

Pro Tips:
1. Kids run nothing but their mouths and their shoes.
2. If taught properly — half of #1 won’t even apply.
3. Joking about poor parenting is in fact — poor parenting.
4. Kids should be able to make their own decisions for learning purposes, but ultimately you should be making the final call.
5. Your House. Your Rules. You Are The Boss.
6. As the Boss — be the example that your kids should follow.

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