Remember Coloring?

Coloring. It can be done with crayons, colored pencils, markers, pens, or just about anything that makes color. You can do it on blank paper, ruled paper, or colored paper — doesn’t matter. I love coloring. Every kid that crosses my path is encouraged to color.

img_1749Whether we’re coloring in a book ^^^ like one of my kids and I did in the above, or creating nonsense like below. It’s a magical experience. I’d never seen a One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater but by golly, I was determined to color one after the song became stuck in my head. My kid had never heard the song, so I started singing it. She was so amused that she tried to create her own OEOHFPPE as well. Coloring has therapeutic qualities so I encourage it as a “Quiet Time” activity. Once a kid understands the concept of keeping colors ON PAPER ONLY — they can be left to do it anytime. My littlest kids (3-7) prefer to “free color” on blank pages, and my older kids usually prefer actual coloring books. The creations from coloring are judgment-free. Children that struggle to find the words for their thoughts or emotions are very likely to try coloring them into reality. It’s a technique used by many therapists. If you’re a parent short on ideas, a new box of crayons (about $1.40) and a new coloring &/or sketchbook ($3-11) can really brighten up a kids day.56158226296__97bb33e0-a589-4211-a446-d217e217769c.jpg

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