Who Are You Yelling At?

I adopted a very sane approach to yelling — I don’t. If I need to tell someone something, I simply get up and go tell them.

Crazy, right?

Here’s why. Unless there’s an immediate danger, what’s the point of yelling? Kids don’t need to pick up the nasty habit of yelling at someone every time they’re emotionally distraught. If it’s not emotional — it’s just lazy.

Story Time:  I can be insanely loud. I used to be the loudest person on the planet. It was simply a reaction to everything going on around me AND inside me. Now, I can be exceptionally quiet. This was achieved by surrounding myself with
1. People that don’t yell at me.
2. Learning how to stop yelling at/over the people around me.

Shouting at someone rarely has the intended effect needed. Unless you’re intending to piss someone off, annoy, or scare them.

Pro Tip: Once kids learn to talk, begin coaching to speak softly. If they’re struggling with the concept — whisper. When they’re elementary age, “Why are you yelling?” will go a long way.

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